I'm here to support not just emerging artists, but a creative community that is emerging from a year that challenged even the strongest of it's members.

I've spent 10 years successfully marketing theatre, stripping away stuffy, dry and useless 'business' marketing strategies, and developing systems that actually work for theatre creatives, within budgets that can vary from 'I've just been through a pandemic' to 'stuff the pandemic, let's go'.

My philosophy? It is what it is so let's get this done.

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How does it work?

Building your creative brand isn't about a logo and it takes more than just a few posts on social media. It's about understanding your brand story, consistently sharing it, and building an audience that loves you and what you create.

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Hi. I'm Sherryl-Lee Secomb. For the past ten years, I have helped passionate and talented theatre creatives understand how to share their artistic work with their audiences, from Brisbane to Melbourne, large not for profit theatre companies to independent artists creating new works,

I began marketing theatre just as social media changed the marketing landscape, allowing me to create effective digital strategies that showed theatre creatives how to grow an audience for their artistic work. Let's not even talk about the 20 years I was marketing before that, when to reach your audience, you put stamps on envelopes and paid ads in newspapers.

Having spent my entire life in the arts (I even married a working orchestral musician), I believe in the role of theatre in our society and I love the people who dedicate their lives and passion to creating stories that impact and entertain. My desire to see more self sustainability in the Australian independent arts community, combined with my theatre marketing experience, has brought me to where I am today.

Today, I work with theatre creatives to help them understand their brand and get beyond the 'tactics' of social media, helping them to build an effective, long term marketing strategy that builds great relationships with audiences, their local communities and other creatives. I show them how to effectively communicate their values, personality and sense of humour, all while growing an audience that loves them and what they create.


Traditionally, theatre creatives struggle to promote themselves and their work, but as we step out into a 'new normal' (post pandemic), it will be more important than ever for artists to be able to speak for their own work. If you're ready to do this, then it's time we chatted over a coffee.


You'll always make an impact doing something simple extremely well.


Creative Directory

Like so many Aussie creatives, I'm a freelancer. I have no desire to build an agency and I hate the idea of doing things the way they've always been done.

I'm looking to build a directory of like minded freelance creatives

with skills in photography, video production, social media and graphic design. Ideally, you would have your own business and have experience in the theatre industry, or a desire to develop


I want to find the perfect group of creatives that I feel comfortable working with or recommending to clients. If this sounds exciting to you, we need to talk.



In 2014, I founded a project called An Idiot On Stage, encouraging and equipping community theatre organisations 'to expect more and be extraordinary'. I cannot measure the joy I've experienced as I work with so many passionate and generous people, volunteering their time and talents to make theatre accessible to their local communities.

Through An Idiot On Stage, I donate branding and marketing services to these organisations, helping them get more from their very limited budgets. If you know of a community theatre organisation that could benefit from a little extra marketing help, let them know about the 'Idiot'.