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10 Years of Staying Classy!

2013. Brisbane.

Stay Classy's first outing was to The Phantom of the Opera at Savoyards Musical Theatre Brisbane. It was the first community production of Phantom in Queensland (and the second one in Australia) so it was fresh, exciting and boy, was it fancy schmancy. . I loved seeing so many people in the foyer, all enjoying live theatre and I just knew I had to share it with the wider community. . Stay Classy was born with a desire to show people how much fun it is to attend live theatre. It should be an experience and, while you can get dressed to the nines if that's your thing, wearing your jeans and some fancy socks is just as appropriate.

Theatre is for everyone!

Talented amateur photographers joined me to capture all the excitement of opening nights. We shared the joy of audiences and word began to spread.

Today, 10 years on, Stay Classy attends opening nights across SE Qld, supporting community theatre and having a blast doing it. I'm so grateful to the many generous and talented amateur photographers who have been and are part of the Stay Classy team. . If you're an amateur photographer, love going to the theatre and would like more details about how you might join the team, email me today. We're getting more requests than we can currently fill. . So, I'm raising a glass tonight to every community theatre company who bravely brings theatre to our city. You're classier than you know and more courageous than you think. Cheers, Sher.

Stay Classy at the Theatre is an initiative of An Idiot on Stage (Sherryl-Lee Secomb). All photographers are talented amateurs who volunteer their time in exchange for a couple of tickets to your show. That's it.

So, Stay Classy!



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