Stop fading into the background of your auditions.

If you're not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

I see this in group auditions all the time. Performers who are terrified of standing out and so conform to the choices of others in the group, effectively relegating themselves to the 'unremarkable' pile of audition forms.

You might be a fantastic singer or dancer but so are many others in the group. So, that's not necessarily going to help you stand out. Your skills are a given.

What is it about you that makes you memorable?'

The YOU that decides to just have fun.

The YOU that shares that fun with the other performers in the group.

The YOU that gives up the need to control the outcome and just enjoys the audition.

The YOU that offers everything you have to the casting panel. You dance bigger, you sing with gusto, you bravely do whatever the panel asks.

Being memorable in a group audition is about being your natural, unique self, whatever that looks like. You aren't going to 'ruin' your chances. You will increase them because now, I remember that bright, energetic and joyous person in the group.

I'm thinking about how good you would be in a cast, how much energy and personality you would bring to the ensemble. In community theatre, how you fit into a team is just as important as your creative skills.

Risk being UNUSUAL.

Be fierce.

Be courageous.

Be memorable.

Cheers, Sher.