Theatre artists...

You know you can't keep doing everything yourself but you have nothing to delegate.
You need a plan.


You need a simple plan that tells you what to do and when to do it, built specifically for your theatre company and your resources.

A plan that ...

> doesn't need a marketing professional to implement.​

> is designed for your budget.

> allows you to delegate to volunteers.



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Wouldn't it be amazing if you could communicate with journalists and publications in a way that projected credibility and professionalism. 

This collaboration creates an electronic press kit that ...

> makes you look professional and credible.

> contains everything an editor needs

> lives in a digital folder that can be updated any time.

The old 'two page press' release is not enough anymore. You need some top notch promotional photos, perhaps a promotional video and a branded promotional document.

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You might have all the marketing ideas but no clue how to make them work. Perhaps you're burnt out or struggling to work with volunteers. Sometimes all we need is the advice of someone who has been where we're going and is willing to share their experience with us.

This is a conversation that ...

> encourages you to explore what it means to be 'authentic'.

> answers your questions about marketing your shows.

> identifies areas that would be beneficial for you to develop.

> leaves you feeling excited and hopeful.

Sixty minutes of directed conversation generally leaves you with pages of action points and a sense of excitement.

What people say...


 Sherryl-Lee collaborated with me through a tightly managed project schedule to achieve my goals of developing and marketing a new range of cabarets, extending my professional network and securing engagements at leading venues across Queensland. Through her mentoring, leadership and support, I have established myself as a serious artist online, in person and through professional engagements.

Carole Williams  |  Independent Producer


“Sherryl-Lee had nothing but genius to offer me. She helped me to understand my brand and the story of my brand better and how to define and communicate that story. She combines her deep understanding of the arts and years of experience in theatre with nuts and bolts know-how for marketing, both online and offline.

Jo Willans  |  Republic of Song