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Stay Classy at the Theatre

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Since 2013, Stay Classy photographers have captured the excitement of community theatre opening night audiences. This simple project helps you to reach audiences you probably aren't reaching now.

Stay Classy photographers attend community theatre opening nights across Brisbane and south to community theatres in Beenleigh, taking photos of audiences in the foyer. Then we brand the photos with your show and ticketing details and share them on our Stay Classy socials. You then share that album through your socials.

People love to share photos of themselves and when they share your Stay Classy photos, your show details go with them, reaching new audiences.

Stay Classy at the Theatre is an initiative of An Idiot on Stage (Sherryl-Lee Secomb). All photographers are talented amateurs who volunteer their time in exchange for a couple of tickets to your show (no other cost is involved). That's it. Stay Classy.

Find out more or request a Stay Classy photographer:

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