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Share your extraordinary.

Helping independent and community theatre artists market their work without losing their creative minds.



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You have strong values, an interesting story and unique creativity. So why are you doing what every other theatre company is doing?

You have to 'disrupt' the marketplace to be noticed amongst all the amazing theatre in your community. The very things that make you different are the very things that will help you find your true audience. That could be your sense of humour, political values, a passion for inclusion and equality, a desire to make change in some part of society, or simply trying to introduce local theatre to your community.

Disruption is simply doing what is unexpected, refusing to conform and being willing to unapologetically and courageously stand out from the crowd.

So, do you know how to include your values in your theatre marketing plan, or are you just 'advertising' your show? If you don't know the answer, I think it's time for a chat.


You can do this

We work together to build the things you need to market your theatre, work with volunteers, pitch to the press and build a brand that is remembered.


Is this for you?

You're an artist.

An artist creating great work but you struggle to share it with anyone beyond your family and friends.

You're really not sure what makes you truly unique in a world of other great artists.

You have a passionate need to share your creativity with a larger audience but you have no plan beyond social media.

You feel unsure about the marketing decisions you make so you play small, reducing the risk. You avoid what you consider the 'weirder' parts of yourself, hiding the very things you should be sharing with the world.

If you're tired of trying to work out your theatre marketing alone, if you're done apologising for your creative career, if you're ready to be taken seriously and you're willing to do the work, then it's time to get your marketing house in order.

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What people say...


 Sherryl-Lee collaborated with me through a tightly managed project schedule to achieve my goals of developing and marketing a new range of cabarets, extending my professional network and securing engagements at leading venues across Queensland. Through her mentoring, leadership and support, I have established myself as a serious artist online, in person and through professional engagements.

Carole Williams  |  Independent Producer

“Sherryl-Lee had nothing but genius to offer me. She helped me to understand my brand and the story of my brand better and how to define and communicate that story. She combines her deep understanding of the arts and years of experience in theatre with nuts and bolts know-how for marketing, both online and offline.

Jo Willans  |  Republic of Song

We begin here...

A Clarity Session is a discussion full of discovery and ideas. Together we explore what you want to achieve, and how you'll use branding and marketing to take your theatre company forward.

In person (Brisbane) or in a video meeting, for sixty minutes you talk, I listen. Knowing you and what YOU want for your theatre company or creative career is the foundation for how you present to the world.

When you invest in this session, you'll come away with pages of ideas, advice based on over a decade of theatre marketing experience, and a mind buzzing with possibility, encouraged that there's a better way to market your creative work and that you're the best person to do that.

Contact me to enquire about a Clarity Session.