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Dear community theatre...

We need to encourage & equip ourselves to expect more & be extraordinary.


What's here for you?

Encouragement, ways to equip your creativity, and new ideas.

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An Idiot On Stage

This is where everything began. The Idiot has been sharing my thoughts on encouragement, leadership, and what it means to be part of community theatre since 2014. I also share my professional experience in branding and marketing theatre. Read it all here >

Stay Classy at the Theatre by An Idiot On Stage

Stay Classy at the Theatre

A simple way to promote your show to a wider audience; one that you're probably not reaching now. This free project is celebrating 10 years.

Learn how to benefit from just staying classy >

EPK template by Sherryl-Lee Secomb An Idiot On Stage

Free Electronic Press Kit

The days of the one page press release are over. In fact, they were over years ago. An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) can be used to raise awareness of your show and help you be taken more seriously by journalists.

Downloadable template coming soon!

Let me introduce myself.
- Sherryl-Lee Secomb -
Just a sword wielding donkey rider
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 Sherryl-Lee collaborated with me through a tightly managed project schedule to achieve my goals of developing and marketing a new range of cabarets, extending my professional network and securing engagements at leading venues across Queensland. Through her mentoring, leadership and support, I have established myself as a serious artist online, in person and through professional engagements.

Carole Williams  |  Independent Producer


“Sherryl-Lee had nothing but genius to offer me. She helped me to understand my brand and the story of my brand better and how to define and communicate that story. She combines her deep understanding of the arts and years of experience in theatre with nuts and bolts know-how for marketing, both online and offline.

Jo Willans  |  Republic of Song

Sherryl-Lee Secomb
Hi. I'm Sher.
My intention is to encourage you, equip you, and remind you of the joy of community theatre.

Resilience, courage, joy & creativity. These words perfectly describe the values of community theatre. They're what it takes to bring productions to the stage and create belonging in our theatre companies. 

I've performed in, directed, marketed and led community theatre organisations and understand your passion - and your frustrations. I want to encourage strong organisations and courageous, 'sword wielding donkey riders', willing to serve and encourage others.

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Explore new ways of thinking about your creative life.

Join others every Sunday evening while reading  the Idiot's Notebook.

Before you begin reading ...

Explore new ways of thinking about your creative life.

Read the Idiot's Notebook every Sunday evening and expand your understanding of what it means to be a creative in community theatre.

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