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Encourage and equip community theatre to expect more and be extraordinary.


My blog, The Idiot's Notebook, is the foundation of my project, An Idiot On Stage, and it's full of articles to encourage community theatre artists and leaders looking for a stronger, more enjoyable creative life. It gets personal, sometimes challenging, celebrates what we do and encourages participation, belonging and community. Join my email list to get these articles direct to your inbox every fortnight.


I've been sharing my professional experience in marketing theatre for over a decade, building brands and developing community engagement that leads to financial and membership growth. Now I'm distilling this information into a range of products you can use to change the face of your theatre organisation. Join my email list for notification as each product is released.

  • Press Kit and photoshoot development

  • Marketing timeline/plan

  • Branded templates for social media

  • Clarity Session for advice and mentoring

Stay Classy

A simple way for you to use the power of social photographs of your opening night event to reach new audiences for your shows. Celebrating 10 years, Stay Classy at the Theatre serves community theatre organisations throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Check it out here.

Community theatre exists to give amateur creatives a place to participate in the arts.

Our value is in the impact we have on the thousands of lives within our community. We are the place where creatives can celebrate a part of themselves that is seen as 'weird' in the everyday.

We are not professional theatre. We welcome anyone with a passion for creating theatre and we refuse to conform to societies expectations of what a performer must look like to be accepted.

Community theatre is where we belong.

Sherryl-Lee Secomb
My name is Sherryl-Lee Secomb (Sher to basically everyone) and I'm the Founder of An Idiot On Stage - a project developed specifically for community theatre. My intention is to encourage you, equip you, and remind you of the joy of community theatre.

Resilience, courage, joy & creativity. These words perfectly describe the values of community theatre. They're what it takes to bring productions to the stage and create belonging in our theatre companies. 

I've been a theatre performer for forty years, a theatre director for thirteen years, a theatre promotor and brand advisor for theatre organisations in Brisbane and Melbourne for twelve years, and served on the management team of one of Queensland's largest community theatre organisations for seven years. I understand your passion and your frustrations.


I am a huge believer that group reflects leadership and I want to encourage strong organisations and courageous, 'sword wielding donkey riders', willing to serve and encourage others. You'll grow to know me more through my socials, so pop over to Instagram and Facebook to follow along.

Explore new ways of thinking about your creative life.

Help in your inbox, to lead, promote and enjoy community theatre.

Before you begin reading ...

How do you feel about your community theatre life?

Whether you're just starting out or you're leading a theatre organisation, being alone is the worst way to do it. I invite you to add your email here to receive regular articles from me to help you create a stronger, more enjoyable creative life.

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