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A bit about me

Sherryl-Lee Secomb is a brisbane arts marketer and leader.png
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"Challenge expectations, build stronger organisations and tap into new audiences"

I grew up in, married into and raised a family in the 'creative life'. My husband is an orchestral musician and woodwind specialist; I work with arts organisations and performers to develop their brand and audiences and, for 35 years, we've made choices based on being full time creatives. It's not easy but I wouldn't want anything else.


Fifteen years ago, my husband Geoffrey and I founded the Inspire! Project, connecting instrumental music students with large community orchestras, making quality orchestral concerts accessible to families. That project is now managed by The Queensland Wind Orchestra.


After a challenging directorial experience with a regional community arts organisation, I realised there was a disconnect between what passionate theatre leaders wanted and what they were able to achieve with very limited resources.


At the time, I was serving on the board of another community theatre organisations (one of Queensland's largest - Savoyards, Brisbane) helping them develop their brand. They were fortunate to enjoy considerable financial and volunteer resources but I knew this was an anomaly in the community.


In 2014, I began ‘An Idiot On Stage’, a project that gave me a place to write and encourage community theatre leaders and challenge ‘what had always been done’ within our management and promotional models.


Community arts organisations have a huge impact on thousands of lives and can become places of belonging and courage for creatives, but we’re working with management and promotional models straight out of the 1970’s; a time when participation was stronger and audiences weren’t bingeing Netflix. What we’re doing just isn't working anymore.


We need to embrace a different sort of participation, respecting the limited time of our volunteers. We need to make decisions that are informed by data and research rather than what our predecessors did.


By being open to new ideas and developing a business mindset, I believe our generous community arts organisations can continue to grow as places that performers value and audiences seek out. We need community arts organisations but we need them to respond to us differently.

As Artistic Director of a 'newish' theatre company, Honour Productions, I want to create an organisation that responds to the individual artist, and challenges audience perceptions and experiences of theatre.


With a background in branding and marketing, and experience in developing brands and building audiences for arts organisations and performers, I’m not here to help you just post some content on social media. I want to challenge your expectations, help you build a stronger organisation for your members, and tap into new audiences that love what you do.


Let’s make community theatre more accessible, encouraging and sustainable.

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